First Grimoire

The caster must write out his full name three times, one each in blood, tears, and saliva.
This done, the paper with the names must be soaked in the caster’s sweat
and then coated (front and back) with the caster’s earwax. The caster must then blow a glass bottle
himself and, when it’s cooled, put the paper inside, seal it with a knot of his
own hair, and bury it in a plot of land he owns for one lunar month. When that’s done, he must dig the bottle up and
swallow the paper. He’s then ready to
cast the spell, which he can do at any time by breaking the bottle and
invoking. (4 XP)

Binder’s Call
Using a baby food
jar and a small candle or a canning jar and a larger candle, the caster packs
some moist earth in the bottom of the jar and inserts the candle into it. The
caster lets the candle take the image of the person she wishes to call the
spirit against in her mind, and then lights the candle. The caster then places the jar in a quiet
location and allows the candle to burn until it melts or goes out
altogether. She then takes more moist
earth and places it in the jar, covering the candle and filling the jar. The caster must then place the jar’s cover on
top, securing it and using a second candle to seal it with wax. Finally, the caster places the jar into a
freezer or in a spot outside which cannot be disturbed if in a frigid
climate. The spell is cast just as the
contents freeze completely through. (4

Conjure Astral Alarm
The caster must construct or acquire some kind of trap
(a mousetrap is most commonly used) and dissemble it until it’s completely
non-functional. Then the pieces are
thrown in a fire and the spirit is called. (5 XP)

Fire is the Cleanser
This spell has to be cast at night, around a very
large bonfire containing at least three different types of wood. It can’t contain anything but wood(or
leaves). Arrayed around this in the four
cardinal directions are complicated sigils traced in powdered copper, cobalt,
potassium, and magnesium. The caster has
to jump over the bonfire and then use its flame to light each of those symbols
in order. That means four jumps. Each is an Athletics roll which, if failed,
causes a point of Shock damage to a leg location. (5 XP)

Fortune Smiles

To call the Knight Protector, the caster must have a
metal shield with a perfectly mirrored chrome front. It has to be a real shield, and has to be at least the size of a typical large
pizza. The caster props the shield up so
that her face is reflected in the chrome, and then boils a four-leaf clover in
pure water in front of it. (3 XP)

Invoke Erotic Archon
The caster must burn some memento of a genuine love
affair in the flame of a white candle.
(5 XP)

Lovers’ Loneliness
This spell requires
only a magazine and a pair of scissors. The caster looks in the magazine for a
man who closely resembles their target.
While cutting the image out, the caster says “I name you (the name of
the target)” and spits on him. Then the
caster finds a picture of a woman in the magazine (it can be anyone). The caster lays her next to the first image
and leaves them both there for a day before separating them, laying the man on
the other side of the room. The spell
can be cast at any time while the caster is situated between the male and
female figures. (5 XP)

Raise the Succubus
The succubus requires a painting or statue or a
beautiful person to be destroyed in its name.
It has to be an original piece of artwork, not a copy. It has to be produced with a successful roll
of an appropriate artistic Skill of at least Height 3. (3 XP)

Rite of the Black
The caster must construct a small model bird out of
crow feathers. It doesn’t have to be
anything terribly elaborate, but it needs to be at least the size of his
hand. The spell is cast while burning
the effigy. (8 XP)

Sepulchral Summons
The caster must
prepare a ritual circle consisting of ash on the bare earth of a church
graveyard. Traditionally some combustible
is burned there to produce the circle, but nothing prevents the caster from
simply bringing along a bag of ash. The
exterior of the circle must be demarcated by black candles before the winter
equinox, or white candles after. As the
hour of midnight struck, the magician, having undertaken the preliminary rites,
intones in a sepulchral voice: “The dead rise and come to me!” Then he
advances into the churchyard, kicking over the candles and scattering graveyard
earth about him. In summoning the dead from the tomb he cries “Ego sum te
peto et uidere queo!” Importantly, to dismiss the dead he commands
“Return to the Kingdom of the Chosen!” (3 XP)

Summon the Shroud of Invisibility
The caster makes a
small image of yellow wax, in the form of a man, in the month January and in
the day and hour of Saturn, and at that time writes with a needle above the crown
of its head and upon its skull a series of characters, supposedly enochian in
nature. The caster then writes upon a small strip of the skin of a frog or toad
which they have personally have killed another sequence of enochian characters.
The caster then suspends the figure from one of their hairs from the vault of a
cavern at the hour of midnight, and while burning temple incsence underneath
NOTH, VENIBBETH, MACH, and all ye, I conjure thee O Figure of wax, by the
Living God, that by the virtue of these Characters and words, thou render me
invisible, wherever I may bear thee with me. Amen.” Afterwards, the
caster buries it in the cavern in a small box.
To cast the spell, the caster removes the figure and keeps it in his
left pocket, intoning “Come unto me and never quit me whithersoever I shall
go.” The same figure can be reused for
future castings, so long as it is always returned to its cavern burial spot and
covered with earth between castings. (8 XP)

First Grimoire

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