Cold Comfort

Spirit summoning and robbing banks

In the morning, Theresa Evelyn Clark met with her contact in the LAPD, Carmela Perez, over breakfast and discussed the Winnifred Hudson murder. Carmela promised she would look into the issue for Theresa.

Afterward, Theresa decided she would get her spirit summoning on, and so called upon Sister Raven for assistance – setting her to watch some local members of MS-13 to see if she could find anything useful.

Theresa had planned for a quiet evening at home, but her evening was interrupted by a call form Dr Eden Majors. Majors came over, and pressed for details on what Theresa knew about the knot. Majors revealed it had indeed been part of the archives kept at Caltech, and wasn’t quite sure how it got out. Obviously concerned, the professor convinced Theresa to take her to the knot immediately, which led them to the bank where Theresa had deposited the item…which was in the middle of being robbed.

Theresa and Eden went inside, and found A Mysterious Mime! The mime tried to run, throwing up invisible walls and shooting Theresa with an invisible machine gun, but Theresa managed to tackled and subdue him before he could escape. Not long after, the police started to arrive, and Theresa and Eden escorted the mime outside and into the hands of the law.


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