Derrick "Rick" Taylor

"The Obi Wan"


I was this guys’ grasshopper for my several month apprenticeship. He’s like some kind of P.I. superstar, I don’t know. The first thing I noticed about him was that he had a cute butt.

Seriously, though, thorought my noble Jedi training, we got rather chummy. He’s a cool guy. Sharp like a razor, I guess, would be a good cliche for it. He’s that cunning kind of P.I. you see in all of the movies. Or that’s what I imagine, anyway. It isn’t like he got up to anything really movie worthy while I was working with him. Also, he has an aversion to bullshit. He can be kind of in your face.

I found him in the yellow pages and harassed him until he would take me on. Granted, it took a while, but apparently blunt-headed persistance is what it takes with him. I like to believe it was because of my moxie that he finally gave in.

We keep in touch since I wandered into the wild blue yonder that is private investigation. Now that I’m not his underling, I’ll admit I kind of wonder about the possibilities.

I’d give that sucker my number any day.

In a few words: cunning, smooth operator, sharp wit, straight forward.

Derrick "Rick" Taylor

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