Carmela Perez

"The BFF" - Robbery Homicide Detective


I guess it’s probably not fair to call someone my best friend forever when I’ve only known them for a few years, but it feels true in spirit. My relationship with Carmela (who I like to call “Pez”) is a wonder, and something I can only write off to total providence.

She’s a detective, right? Well, when I started on the force she was kind of my idol. Smart, sexy, the best at her job (in my opinion anyway.) The kind of woman rookies want to be. So, of course I wasn’t expecting to bump into her as we were both leaving out shifts. I also wasn’t expecting to see her crying.

I clumsily offered that we go out to drinks, half as a joke, not knowing why she was upset. Much to my surprise, she took me up on it without hesitation. It turns out that she was going through a rough divorce, and a particularly stressful day with some last minute conflict over the paperwork left her in a bad state. We talked for a long time that night, and afterwards things were different. I guess even your role model can have their soft spots.

The hanging out became more regular, and eventually it seemed that I had myself a new best friend. I think the same went for her. Maybe she usually forgot to socialize, because I hardly consider myself a catch, but she’s stuck with me even since I quit the force.

We didn’t exactly work together much, being that she was a detective and I was a beat cop, but she still tells me about what’s happening at work from time to time. She’s got my back. Though sometimes I wonder what she’d do if she found out I was doing magic on the side.

In a few words: independent, intelligent, no-nonsense, and highly competent.

Carmela Perez

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